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Friday, March 14, 2014

Contacts Part 2

I finally went for my follow up for my contacts this week. I had spent the last few days wearing contacts, to get used to them, and it was an adjustment. While getting them on my eyes is an amazing feat in itself, it is getting them out the first couple of times that is additionally terrifying.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

UGA Campus Fest 2014

So I entered a video in the Campus Movie Fest 2014 at UGA and we were selected out of 188 teams to be shown in the top 16 on campus. It was a fun night as I love the CMF mainly because it is free, prizes, and some of the short films are pretty interesting. The video entered in got the Silver Tripod Award for best story as a nomeniee to, by chance, move on to the next round. However for the next "30 days", technically 10 days now, there is the Wild Card Award which is a great thing to place in so I am trying to get the video as many views as possible in the next 10 days for the Campus Movie Fest Wild Card placement. Please check it out...like, share, comment, and view. Warning though...the humor is kind of twisted as some people wanted to "embellish" on their characters which was a big part of what made it special as the characters took a life of their own from the actors own imaginations, in my opinion (i.e., it ended up differently then where I was going).

Friday, March 7, 2014


I got contacts today for the first time! I didn't expect to but I have a lot of plans coming up, which include graduation, trips, and certain weekends. Anyway, it was an experience trying to get the contacts into my eyes as they were automatically trying to reject the contacts before I could even put them in. Essentially, I was already tired and my eyes had to endure little spurts of air hitting them during  pre-testing that they turned pink/red by the time I sat down in front of the mirror. In addition my dominant (right) eye was irritated by a "phantom eyelash" and fought the hardest to resist. All in all I got them both in and my eyes turned white again, after some time, in a surrender to my contacts.

Things I learned: how to clean and sanitize them, the significance of the taco shape when you fold the contact at the heart line on the palm, and the bowl vs the saucer shape. Overall, I foresee many days of practice. But I got the dailies because I only plan to wear them on some weekends and on special occasions (i.e., so I don't have to worry them if I lose them, lose track on how many days equates to two weeks, etc). During the appointment I got a cute pair of Apple Bottoms sun glasses...the first time I could wear sunglasses in years. In a week I get another checkup to see how I am handling the contacts before I order my supply.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Undergraduate Researcher Position

I am so excited! Yesterday I got a position as a undergraduate researcher for the semester and summer. It is a volunteer position but the process to get it was like any other job application (i.e., resume and interview). However, there were only a few candidates who even selected to be asked in the first place. Long story short...the interview went well and I got the position. I even cracked an appropriate joke, unlike 'Girls', when I asked her how she preferred to be contacted, "phone, text, email...carrier pigeon" in which she replied, "Actually, if that were to happen I would prefer a messenger owl..." and chuckled.

 It is a great opportunity for me for assistanships when I get into the MSW program, if I plan to pursue a Ph.D in the future, and/or if I wanted to get published academically. In addition, when I get into the MSW program I will have already been certified for the IRB Training (CITI) Certification.

Overall, I now have two internships this semester along with my full class load. But I am looking forward to the experience. I will get to learn a few things, like, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and its role in social work and public health as a multidisciplinary as there is an increased need in areas of social work for mapping. I will also be gathering and entering date but I won't go into depth on things I need to do. All I will say is that the small portion that I am able to be a part of I am elated that I can get to learn aspects of research and appreciate the opportunity to broaden my horizons in the social work profession.

*Picture from here.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Update and Spanish Link

I realize that it has been quite awhile since my last post. But I have been super busy with classes, internship, and grad school applications. I finally got my grad school application in, fingers crossed, and I won't know until late March/early April if I got accepted or not. But not matter what happens I win as I will either get accepted into the academic standing to get my MSW in a year or I will work for a year to gain more valuable experience before reapplying for the academic standing again.

But here is a post on a Spanish link that I got from an interviewer today, posting tomorrow, called DuoLingo. Since I came to UGA I could not afford, through time or money, to pursue more Spanish classes. I am getting a bit rusty than I would like to admit that I should probably update my LinkedIn account at some point in time. Anyway I have come across a great link from a UGA research assistant that I will be working with through a second internship. When I told her about my Spanish during the interview she gave me the link to help support my interest in retaining what I have learned. I just tried it and I love the app! I needed additional resources as I would hate to think that I wasted three semesters of Spanish. It is almost like a game as it has levels and lifelines. Even though the amount of languages offered are small (i.e., Spanish, French, German, and a few others) it is a free program that you can use as an app or on the computer.

*Picture from the DuoLingo Site, here.