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Sunday, June 15, 2014

The List: #94...Get Back into Running 5K's [Part 3]

Well, as of last night I have registered for a 5K race in August! In fact, myself and a few other people just decided to become a team and call ourselves "The Jogging Dead." Which became fitting as many of them are fans of the show and/or game. In addition, it sort of fit the race.

A few weeks ago I tried looking for a 5K race in Atlanta, Athens, and the surrounding counties and I thought I had found one. The particular 5K was a zombie race that had caught my eye BUT it was less than a week later and I knew that it would be suicidal to run it with very little training. The three "life ribbons" would have been ripped off of me before I could take my first step...or I would have become the crawler zombie who caught no ribbons. Haha!

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

The List: #94...Get Back into Running 5K's [Part 2]

Last month I started to get into jogging/walking and it has come with some interesting obstacles (i.e., runners tan, shin splints, my bad knee, blisters, and etc). Overall, I hope to be able to run a 5K by the end of the summer. My last attempt into this was a while ago, Part 1, but I see myself sticking to this through hell or high water. I had some summer goals set and I will achieve as many as possible!

I have not ran a 5K in a few years and to be honest running has been a love/hate relationship. But, since I got my smartphone, little over a month ago, I was able to fall in love with walking/jogging through some apps...which ignited a desire to be able to run. It is a bit of a struggle but it has been getting easier and easier to go farther and farther with how long that I can maintain a stride...for a little bit at least.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Word on FroYo

Summer is not here yet..but it doesn't mean that those notorious heat waves haven't arrived. I have an insatiable sweet tooth and in the summer I love to eat ice cream (cold and sweet). So last summer I got somewhat involved in the FroYo craze. It was June, hot, and I was taking 6 credits in one month.  I had never tried frozen yogurt but a fellow survivor during the 1st session strenuous semester took me to Menchies. I soon realized the appeal of those delicious little frozen canvases when I used colorful amounts of toppings (i.e., delicious healthy fruit with just a tiny sprinkle of bobba and mochi). From then on I try to swap my ice cream to opt for frozen yogurt, part of the time, to make my cravings a little less hazardous to my health. Anyway what brings this into discussion is that this year I have tried Ben and Jerry's Blueberry Vanilla Graham Greek Yogurt and (recently) Oikos Frozen Yogurt (Cherry and Lime) and I think that they are delicious!

What is your favorite brand and/or flavor of frozen yogurt?

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Saturday, May 10, 2014


Graduating was so amazing! How it worked was we had a separate Social Work graduation in the Classic Center so that we could walk and have speeches from the students at our school. Then in the evening we went to the UGA graduation at Sanford Stadium where there were amazing speakers and fireworks at the end.

Overall, I can't believe that I am now a BSW graduate from the University of Georgia! It was a long road but I made it through esp. with an amazing cohort, teachers, and the many people from my internship. I can't wait to start my MSW in August!

Anyway, I will be updating this post with pictures, a few extra details, and video[s] soon.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Grad School Acceptance!

I was accepted into the masters program at UGA! I am so excited that I was admitted into the program where I will be able to study clinical practice (hopefully in mental/behavioral health or in the school system). The best part is that I am in the 'advanced standing' program' where I will be done in 1 year. I am so happy and excited that I will be able to earn my masters and at the school of my choice. UGA was the ONLY school that I had applied to...which may have been a bit risky in hindsight but I didn't want to move and if I hadn't been accepted I would have Shawshank Redemption'd it by reapplying every year until they would have accepted me.

I will say that finding out my acceptance took some persistence as my paper work, yet again, had mysterious issues (i.e., UGA has messed up my GPA three times when I transferred in for my BSW). Long story short: after calling the graduate school to fix a systematic problem with my application and waiting for my letter (they wouldn't directly say if I had been accepted or not...but offered a hint) I was accepted into the masters program. I will ever find out why my file had difficulties as I don't have a criminal background and I have a high GPA and good GRE scores. Then again... my transcript is not the easiest to read or calculate.

Now the only thing left is to finish tedious registration, obtaining an internship site, and applying for financial aid.

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