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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Starting my new internship and I might need to put certain privacy settings where only blog authors can read it, change the domain name, or just make it 100% private. I have a couple of weeks to figure out what to do. Not that I thought many were even reading this page in the first place (just some family and friends) but I just am not sure about changing things.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bento Box

Recently, I have had an interest in mason jar meals but I have always held a sense of fascination with bento boxes and...I finally got a light blue double bento box from Takenaka! I decided to get a bento box for school so that I can pack more practical lunches vs. the specialty cute looking meals that mothers typically make for their children in Japan. Because I am starting my MSW and new internship soon I need to be space efficient instead of hailing an abundance of Tupperware around, when I am not making one of my salads.

In the states bento box style lunches seem to be picking up in popularity and I have found some great links that help with topics, like, 'How to Make a Bento'. In addition, there are some great recipe ideas from Just Bento (they also cover some basics as well). Other links include: Pinterest, Greatist, Laptop Lunches, Spark People, Following in My Shoes, Redbook Magazine, and etc. Maybe I can even learn some furoshiki for the bento box (i.e.,  furoshiki is a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that is traditionally used as a way to transport goods, wrap gifts, other items as a way to promote care for the environment and reducing waste).

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Grad School Blurb

Grad school is just around the corner and I am so excited! I look forward to the stress induced challenge. Read the short story, manga/comic format, on The Truth About College and Getting a Job. It is cute.

In addition, orientation starts next week and it is driving me up the wall that I can't register until that day. I am one of those people who like to be registered as soon as possible. I have my list and CRN's ready to be punched in.

I would like to add that I have been enjoying my first and only free summer...well, semi-free I did some undergrad research assistant stuff on the side. Anyway, I have completed a handful of things on my bucket list and even for my simply said list. A few achievements are, but are not limited to: do something great from my birthday, went on a cruise, went tubing, and etc. I plan on writing many of them out ASAP. I still have some from last year to finish so at least there is plenty of material for me to write about.

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

The List: #89. Do Something Amazing for my Birthday One Day!

I had the best birthday in June! On my bucket list the reason that I put something on there is because I never really did anything for my birthday before. It just never happened, for various reasons, and then summer classes would always fall on my birthday. However, I had a brief moment when I attended Montessori school as a wee one. My parents had put me in a summer art program and I finally got my moment. I felt so special with my cake decorated with red roses...as a summer kid this was a big deal to be able to share in what others did year around at school.

Anyway, it was a great change to be able to do something amazing, beyond the age of single digits, and it meant a lot to me as I never expected something like that to happen. I am a pretty simple person so it was pretty amazing. I am certainly blessed and lucky to have such great people.

My family (esp. with the help of one of my sisters) had organized a small surprise birthday party the night before. I was generally surprised but I kind of guessed that something was up. The hint had been when I saw the driveway crammed with various cars that overflowed onto the road. In other words, it was either a) a surprise b) an intervention. In addition, I got tickets to go to Six Flags with my family, which I was stoked about as I had never been there and a new water park (Hurricane Harbor) had just opened.

Because it was so hot we did one roller coaster, in the front, and stuck to the water rides before going over to Hurricane Harbor. Before migrating over to the Harbor we went on Thunder River and we got soaked (FYI: lady did not tell us that we could put our bags inside of the seats. We were told that by another person when it was too late). While on the ride my siblings and I realized that if we had some additional people with us and had memorized the Willy Wonka River Song (the one Gene Wilder had done)...that it would have been perfect going through the tunnels.

Before we left I was able to get a picture outside of the Crystal Pistol Hall. I couldn't leave without capturing a snapshot as Crystal Pistol had become a strange nickname from a group of referees I know.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

The List: #94...Get Back into Running 5K's [Part 4]

Whist training for a 5K I am dealing with issues that I have never had to deal with before: 1) I was mostly a swimmer 2) I ran cross country in dirt and grass that was heavily shaded. In addition, it was barely past the crack of dawn. Overall, the three main issues are:

- Runners Tan
- Shin Splints (2 times!)
- Blisters (3-4 times)

However, I am lucky that I only do 3 or more miles 4-5 times a week. So considering the following I don't do enough distance to start hurt my toe nails, my IT band is okay, and the three major issues have become controllable. For almost a month and a half I have slowly worked and pushed to stay on track (i.e., starting with long fast walks and interval training). I run in the grass as much as I can, I wear sunscreen, wake up early, stretch before and after as well as ice my shins. In addition, I have good support in my shoes and cross train with Pilates, practice breathing techniques, and use a small hand-weight set/other things. What I would like to do next is to get my bike fixed and be able to get back into swimming as they would be great for some lower impact exercise.

Now for the embarrassing story that I promised from Part 1, awhile ago. I have never really properly trained for a 5K, like, ever. Which was a huge mistake for my first race when I was 15 years old. I was out of shape at that time and I had just gotten back into swimming as I had taken off a couple of years...for various reasons. So my siblings had been doing some 5K's and I thought that I would become a part of it. Feeling brave and adventurous I quickly looked at the flyer on the table for the next race and I was all, "Mom, sign me up. I am so running it!" I am sure that I didn't say it that way but it was close. Anyway, I was excited and I thought I would do fine, I mean, it was ONLY 3.2 miles. I could barely run 1 mile at the time but I knew that I could survive and I felt that I understood my own limits.

So I get to the race, with no actual training, and it is there that I find out the horrific truth. I don't know what was going through my mother's mind when I told my her that I wanted to be signed up. I guess she didn't stop to question it, which was odd, considering that this race was "extra" special. When the race was just about to start she corrected my nervous rambles about running a 5K...and as soon as I heard my mom utter the words, "5K? You mean 5 miles..." my stomach dropped halfway to China. I would have quit right then and there BUT there were some factors that prevented me from jumping ship to evade an unwilling death wish.

Long story short....I was dead last at the race. It is no exaggeration that an elderly woman (who was 2nd to last) was doing a slow jog and beat me by quite a bit (I would estimate about 10 or more minutes). At one point during the race, because I was so behind, I wondered if I was lost because I was all alone. By the time I got to the finish line the only people who were still there (the rest were at the post-run shindig) were the race officials, an officer, and my family screaming encouragement. I was so embarrassed, soar, tired, and mad about my ordeal that I immaturely told them to quit it. It was then that I hobbled the rest of the way to the finish line.

Ben by Daniel Shelton
FYI: If I had money on me I would have been tempted to buy a bike that I saw at a yard sale during the race. Seriously. Note: I still would have finished the race sans bike...I just admit to heavy contemplation.

The next year, when I participated in the race again, I redeemed myself and achieved an average time. I saw the same elderly woman at the race and I was happy that I was not dead last, again. I attributed my improvement in my running times from increased participation in sports (running and swimming).

Anyway, I may not have ran a marathon that day, when I ran my first race, but I went through every one of these stages...except the Runner's Trots. I found this video hilarious! I got it from a virtual group of runners who use the Zombies, Run! app as well.

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